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Senior Management Team Coaching & Development

The senior management team (SMT) is arguably the most important group in any organisation. They have the most overt power and their decisions have implications for everyone else in the organisation, as well as for the future of the organisation itself, and yet the senior management team is often poorly resourced to accomplish its tasks. Despite all the importance we purport to give to the value of the ‘team’, we continue to celebrate in our society the achievement of the individual leader; the CEO standing proudly atop their organisation. Yet the current economic, technological and cultural environment that organisations currently find themselves immersed in, whether they are private or public sector organisations is one which can only be described as both extremely complex and as equally uncertain. Never before has it been so important that senior leaders tap into the wisdom of the whole senior management team and work as one, if they are to survive, let alone thrive. What’s required of these senior management teams and their leaders is the capacity to morph into a more integrated senior ‘leadership’ team, which is both agile and yet able to make more insightful decisions by accessing the knowledge and experience within the diversity of its membership. This is where senior team coaching and team development comes in.

Our team development programmes are tailored to the specific organisational needs and increase individual and team awareness and develop participants’ understanding of how they contribute to the overall effectiveness of the senior management team. We begin by interviewing the senior team and its leadership to identify what shifts are needed to be more impactful, to be more trusting of each other and be able to co-create the outcomes desired for the organisation. We diagnose where the team is in relation to this, identify the gaps and work with the team to eliminate these gaps through both a supportive, yet challenging set of team interventions.


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