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Pairs Coaching

Particularly at Board level, the importance of a robust working relationship built on trust, confidence and good communication cannot be underestimated. Pairs coaching is an extremely effective way of building powerfully strong relationships between two leaders. Two coaches, highly trained in the Cape Cod model of Pairs coaching, work directly with two individuals to focus on the relationship between them.

Putting the focus on the relationship, rather than on the individuals themselves, means that there are a wide range of positive outcomes in a short space of time. Pairs coaching can not only transform the relationship between two Directors, but impact positively on the entire dynamic of the senior management team. If for example, the Chair of an organisation and the Chief Executive take part in Pairs Coaching, there is a huge knock-on effect for the whole Board and how it operates. The efficacy of the whole organisation can be impacted by a  more effective Board.  See our blog on ‘The CEO and The Chair – a crucial relationship’.

Pairs coaching is a well proven and high impact form of coaching. Two coaches work simultaneously with the two individuals. The benefits for the clients include:

  • a more robust relationship is built between the individuals, in a shorter length of time
  • the two coaches are able to converse during the session about what they are observing and noticing; this provides the individuals with timely, useful feedback about their relationship
  • with two coaches and two clients in the room, a balance is created which makes an excellent environment in which to make progress
  • having two coaches means the clients receive more attention and a broader range of interventions and the coaches are able to handle the increased level of complexity and perspectives at play in pairs work



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