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Estimates of outright failure of executives in the first 18 months of their tenure range from 38% to over 50%, and even more executives than this fail to be as successful as was predicted when they were originally hired or promoted. This high level of executive fallout cannot be fully explained by either their lack of relevant skills, knowledge or even experience, but rather in not having acquired a sufficiently deep level of leadership capacity to cope with the multitude of challenges which only arise when operating at such senior levels.

Starr’s senior leadership development programme unlocks the latent capacity of directors and senior executives to lead more effectively and thrive in an environment which is both complex and uncertain.  What is unique about Starr’s senior leadership development programme is its emphasis in not providing simplistic tools and techniques, but helping participants realise a new level of leadership capacity. This is achieved through an exploration and development of a wide range of senior leadership capabilities by course tutors who themselves have previously held senior leadership roles. Capabilities which are explored including the development of presence (gravitas), resilience, reflectiveness, agility and influence when operating at these most senior of levels.

Starr’s senior leadership development programme provides participants with the necessary capabilities to face a multitude of challenges which include:

  • the balancing the leading of ‘what will be’ while also managing the current performance of ‘what is’
  • leading without being expert and not always having the answer
  • maintaining one’s own resilience and agility when so much is being demanded of them
  • balancing the needs of a diverse group of influential stakeholders and their disparate requirements
  • being able to resolve ‘right’ versus ‘right’ decisions and recognising the trade-offs imbued in these decisions and then living with the consequences
  • influencing more effectively across an organisationally wide perspective
  • influencing more effectively with external stateholders and partners
  • getting sufficient clarity of the external enviornment the organisation faces to articulate a sufficiently robust strategic direction
  • being authentic, fulfilling the leadership role whilst balance work with other aspects of one’s life



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