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More recent re-examination of what is needed to produce great leadership has moved decidedly against the ‘great leader’ model – a perspective in which individuals are perceived, almost single-handedly, to drive organisations to success. In its place has emerged the ‘post-heroic’ concept of leadership where leaders are truly able to engage their staff and where leadership is demonstrated not just at the top, but throughout the organisation. This ‘post-heroic’ capability is particularly important at senior leadership levels, but how do you develop it?

Whereas management is a way of doing, leadership is a ‘way of being’ and it is this ‘way of being’ that evolves and is developed through a transformational coaching approach, in which developing senior leadership capability has more to do with developing a new mind-set and a new set of capacities, rather than the need to acquire new skills or knowledge. Transformational refers to how we learn to see the world through new eyes, how we change our interpretations of experience and how we transform our views of reality. The impact of transformational coaching increases what we are able to be aware of both within ourselves and that which is external to us, what we can pay attention to and therefore what we can influence and impact as a leader. Qualities of presence, resilience and enhanced collaboration are positive outcomes which can be attributed to the impact of transformational coaching.

Each of the executive coaches at Starr Performance have literally thousands of hours experience with this transformational coaching approach.


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