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Starr works with senior managers and Directors at whatever stage they are at in their personal development to help them understand where they are on their leadership journey, what drives them, how they interact with others and what new capabilities need to be realised for them to continue to be successful in their leadership role. While this is often on an individual basis with one to one executive coaching or an executive participating on one of our Senior Leadership Development programmes, it can also involve pairs coaching, Board Coaching or Senior Management team coaching as well.

Whether leaders are in a FTSE 100 company, within the public sector or a charity they all need the ability to weigh up multiple and shifting factors in an often complex environment. The ability of a senior leader or Director to lead is not a fixed or innate ability.  Every promotion brings new challenges that invite an executive to make shifts in what activities they need to value and what they need to let go of if they are to transition successfully and thrive in their new role.

People who make the transition from being a manager to becoming a leader have realised that there is more to being a successful Director than simply achieving peformance measures. People come to this realisation is different ways; some work it out for themselves while others can be guided through the process by a more senior, emotional intelligent mentor or coach.  The point at which they start to make the shift to develop a different way of leading is usually triggered by a growing recognition that the behaviours and beliefs they have relied on so far, are no longer working.


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