I chose Baz initially because it was obvious from his profile that he wasn’t prepared to just dish out his views on leadership. I was going to have to work to find my own answers and that’s what I wanted to do. Our coaching sessions were a well-judged balance of theory, challenge and discussion.

In a clinical role, you are trained to ‘rescue, fix and mend’ and this isn’t possible in a leadership role. The coaching allowed me to move away from that need to solve everyone’s problems. I have learned to let people come to their own conclusions and find their own solutions. I am also learning to accept that I will upset some people and disappoint others. The multiple tensions prevalent in the NHS mean that solving one problem will increase the pressure in another area.

My role involves stepping back from being a good manager and becoming a leader instead. In a small team, you can’t completely distance yourself from what needs to be done so you learn to be aware of moving between management and leadership.

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