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Starr Performance offers executive coaching and leadership development which will make a real difference to the way senior managers and leaders perform as individuals, Directors or senior management team.

There is a saying that “the bottleneck is at the neck of the bottle”, which in an organisational setting could potentially apply to many senior leaders, their senior management teams and their Boards. The success of any organisation significantly depends on the calibre of the people at the top; the people making decisions about the direction, priorities and culture of the organisation. The ability of those senior individuals to work collaboratively and perform under pressure even during challenging times can be greatly enhanced through individual and team coaching and by on-going leadership development, undertaken by people who’ve been there and who understand the challenges faced.  The ability of senior leaders to work together can also be a bottleneck and pairs coaching focusing on building a powerful working relationship between two people can be extremely effective.  At Starr Performance, we know that we can make a real difference to your business.

‘I found that Baz challenged and stimulated my understanding of myself, the way I made decisions and what my role as a leader actually is. Things I took for granted about the way our Board worked, were suddenly not set in stone any more and as the dynamics shifted within the Board, we performed better too’



Pairs coaching focuses on the relationship between two leaders and is usually carried out with two coaches observing and providing live feedback on the interaction between the two leaders. Pairs coaching is a highly skilled process which provides a safe environment for senior managers to explore and strengthen their working relationship.
new2This senior leadership programme is aimed at members of CCG Governing Bodies and is run either in-house or as an open programme. The two day programme will focus on high-level leadership capabilities and the mindset shifts required to be an effective leader in a complex environment.
 Leadership is a ‘way of being’ and it is one’s ‘way of being’ that evolves through a transformational coaching approach. Senior leadership development has more to do with developing a new mind-set than new skills. Find out more...
There are thousands of professional coaches in the UK, but of those only a fraction have the skills and experience to team coach a Board of Directors. Starr is one of the few specialising in this niche area, working with Chief Executives and Chairs to help them fully realise their combined potential of the entire Board membership. Find out more...
Starr Performance designs and delivers off the shelf and bespoke leadership development programmes for senior and director level leaders in line with the strategic aims of your company and the organisational culture that you wish to see lived across your organisation. Find out more...
Senior Team Development The senior management team (SMT) is arguably the most important group in any organisation. They have the most overt power and their decisions have implications for everyone else in the organisation. Starr can work with the SMT as a group providing team coaching and individual development. Find out more...

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